MDLMULTISERVICE SRLS is a dynamic multi-service company based on maintenance.
Our company is a young and motivated organization, born from different and long-term experiences of its founding members, vlita to make the best possible service for fees honest and competitive.
It is able to offer a global and diversified offer in condominium services.
Our company operates throughout Rome and province, Latina and province.


We propose a process of intervention based on priorities, from the request of invoicing intervention. Our process for the management of condominium emergency services is developed in 5 simple steps:
1. Reporting by e-mail;
2. Immediate customer contact;
3. Inspection and Reporting by Administrator,
assigning priority code;
4. Intervention programming;
5. Billing;
From the request of the telephone administrator, confirmed later by email, part one streamlined and linear process that allows us to carry out the intervention. Contact is made and an appointment is made for the inspection, it is drafted promptly a photographic report describing the intervention to be performed, yes assigns the priority code, an intervention program is programmed. An invoice is issued when the job is done.
The purpose of the System is to streamline the timing of maintenance condominiums allowing the Directors to have a single contact for all types of urgent and non-urgent maintenance, rather than many small ones artgiani, streamline accounting practices and have ongoing control e detailed by means of reports and criticality reports on the state of the property and on the status of maintenance interventions with constant updating. Be certain of an almost immediate inspection to detect the critical issues and to remedy them with highly qualified personnel also in the recognition of problems.